About me. Ellstudio film production


My name is Elena. I am film director.

Elena O’NeeiLL


My path to cinema began with journalism. I went through different areas: editor of printed publications, correspondent, PR manager, radio host. Then I became interested in the field of management and marketing, which gave me an even greater understanding of the correct presentation of advertising and work with clients.    Today I direct and shoot commercials.  I have my own special vision.  I’m sure that the maximum quality of the finished product can be achieved by working in a team with professionals.  We know exactly what video should be in order for your product to be successful.  Great experience, seething energy and passion for filming gives rise to unique projects.

A filmmaker works in the film industry to create, produce, direct, and/or edit films. A Filmmaker works on a feature films, documentaries, short films, television shows, and commercials.

About me. Ellstudio film production
About me. Ellstudio film production


About me. Ellstudio film production

“It is my honor to provide reference on the great job that Mrs. O’NeeiLL did for my voting campaign to the professional union of the USAID. 

Mrs. O’NeeiLL explained the importance of little details in the video, as well as importance of well-structured script which added even more clarity to the process. Later I received many compliments.”

Irina Mitrofanova, USAID Central Asia

About me. Ellstudio film production

“We are cooperating more than 5 years and I particularly satisfied with results of every video Elena did. I would like to express my praise and graditude to Ms. O’NeeiLL for her exceptional and professional work for my company ‘Mismooi’ as a video-maker.
She also gives an ideas how to improve videos and sometimes I don’t even need tell her my own idea because after she sends some references and I see this is exactly what I wanted to see.”

Marina Karpacheva, “Mismooi” China

About me. Ellstudio film production

“It’s a pleasure to work with Elena! During the shooting, she will always tell how best to move, where to look and always cheer you up.  It’s very easy with her. Installation is generally a separate delight — if you want to feel like a heroine of a blockbuster or a video — then 100% to Elena!”

Yana Levi, Israel

About me. Ellstudio film production

We are, doctors and dermatologists cosmetologists of Kazakhstan “PROGREDI”, express our sincere gratitude for the fruitful cooperation to Elena, who made a great photo and video shoot as part of our project for the clinic “AESTHETICS”. 

Nadezhda Mikhailova, PROGREDI Qazaqstan

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